Our Previous Trips

Wondering how it is to travel with us? Check out a selection of pictures from our previous snorkeling trips!

Galápagos Snorkeling Liveaboard – 12-21 March 2024


An unreal snorkel trip to the outer Galápagos Islands aboard the Samba, a 14-passenger yacht fully chartered for our group· The snorkeling was phenomenal and allowed us to closely encounter the unique and inquisitive wildlife of the archipelago: sea lions, marine iguanas, mola mola, penguins, sharks, sea turtles, mantas… We also got the chance to witness the eruption of La Cumbre volcano, on Fernandina Island! Next departure to this destination: Spring 2026.

Crossing the Equator
Evening briefing aboard the Samba

"I trusted my friend's recommendation and went on the trip without studying any details in advance. During the trip, I felt like I was in a dream. Every hike was unbelievably surreal – I couldn't believe such beauty existed in the world. As a first-time snorkeler, I felt like I hit the jackpot – encountering so much wildlife in just one week was incredible. I loved the intense activities and was happy to be challenged. Feedback? We already plan our next snorkeling trip in 2025!"

~Nancy, Atlanta (Georgia)

"The Galápagos Islands trip was fantastic, an amazing experience with wildlife.. Highly recommend this trip on the small boat, Samba."

~Kitty & Pat (California)

"The opportunity to spend several relaxed hours every day experiencing the wildlife first hand in the water was wonderful. Being able to share the adventure with other enthusiasts made the trip very special."

~Sue & David, Mallorca (Spain)

Wakatobi Snorkeling Adventure – 16-24 October 2022


A snorkel week at Wakatobi features a dozen of snorkeling sessions to explore the shallow reefs that surround the nearby islands. Hard and soft corals compete for space on reefs that are bursting with life and color. Among the sea life we spotted during this trip are anemonefish, sea turtle, ghost pipefish, Napoleon, midnight snapper, stingray, razorfish, cuttlefish, and many more! Next departures to this destination: 27 Oct-4 Nov 2024 (sold out), 18-26 Oct 2026 (available).

Returning to the resort after a full day of snorkeling

"The Planet Snorkeling trip in Wakatobi, made a dream come true for me! Guillaume was an amazing and patient trip leader and I can’t wait to travel again with them!"

~Anne, Fort Myers (Florida)

"It was a fantastic trip to Wakatobi, we are glad we did it. Five stars treatment from the time we landed throughout our stay at the resort. Worth every penny. Definitely one of our most memorable holidays to date!"

~Stuart & Mamiek, Phuket (Thailand)

"Thank you, Planet Snorkeling, for the choice of destination and for taking care of us as soon as we landed in Bali! Snorkeling tours were exceptional, with healthy corals and a diversity of fish and critters to see. It was amazing to share these moments with marine life experts and fellow snorkelers!"

~Marie-Laure, Lyon (France)
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