Wakatobi, October 2022 Snorkeling Report Trip

Enjoy an expert-guided snorkeling trip of a lifetime


9 Days, 8 Nights


16th-24th, October 2022

Max Group Size

20 People

How Would You Like to Snorkel One of Earth’s Most Amazing Spots?
Join Snorkeling Report in October 2022 at the remote, and yet luxurious, Wakatobi Resort.

Join Snorkeling Report’s team on this trip in collaboration with the pristine Wakatobi Resort, which is consistently ranked among the world’s best-snorkeling resorts.


The trip includes 12 boat snorkeling sessions on remote coral reefs, unlimited snorkeling on the resort’s magnificent house reef, as well as a night snorkeling adventure.


The resort sits on a small Indonesian island, combining the relaxed charm of a toes-in-the-sand destination with the comforts of a first-class resort.


Dedicated to marine conservation and centered in its own UNESCO-designated national park, this Garden of Eden showcases the famed marine biodiversity of the region.


This trip is exclusively for snorkelers and is led by Snorkeling Report’s team and Wakatobi Resort’s guides. It is all-inclusive as we will handle everything from the beginning to the end so that you can enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

We partnered so that you can experience an unforgettable snorkeling trip!

Snorkelers Love This Place

"We’ve done a fair bit of snorkeling throughout the world —the Caribbean, the Maldives, and Australia—and Wakatobi is by far the best. The reefs are pristine, and there is so much live coral and a remarkable volume of life. The fish, the colors, the clear water… it all exceeded our expectations."
~John and Barbara Pratt
"The problem with snorkeling reefs in many areas is that they are not particularly colorful or alive with marine life. Wakatobi more than fits the bill. The depths shallow on so many of the reefs other than the house reef, so it makes for great snorkeling. The reefs are very healthy, and loaded with many types of corals and all kinds of fish and invertebrates — many more than we have ever seen before."
~Alice and Edward Hawk
"We were very pleased with the expertise of the staff and the time they took to make sure our snorkeling experiences were exactly what we wanted regardless of whether we were snorkeling from the boat or on the house reef. We learned so much from Jaka, our snorkel guide."
~Stephen Hodgin
"The House Reef offers lots of surprises, with so much variety for snorkelers. We could spend days there and have a different experience each time. We could be independent but always felt protected and observed by the staff. It’s also very easy to access, as there are no schedules to adhere to, and one can simply wade out from the beach, enter off the jetty ladder, or ask for a resort taxi boat to ferry you to more distant portions of the reef"
~Yvonne Streit
"Our guide was exceptional and made my wife Nicole feel very comfortable. We felt really special with all the personal attention from the snorkel guides. What a fantastic finale for our honeymoon."
~Tom Frots

Discover some of the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet


Wakatobi reefs boast a diverse range of shallow-water ecosystems, including coral structures, sandy flats, seagrass meadows, debris fields, and of course, the outer reef itself, which rises to within mere meters of the surface before plummeting into the depths. These environments are the habitat of more than 340 fish and 100 invertebrate species, as well as hundreds of types of corals, sponges and sea fans.

The two main sea turtles species, the green and the hawksbill sea turtles, pay regular visits to the reefs

Sea snakes are frequently seen at reef, hunting moray eels in the crevices

Around 18 species of butterflyfish, all very colorful, are found at Wakatobi

The sandy areas at the foot of the drop offs are the kingdom of stingrays, including the beautiful blue ribbontail ray

Angelfish are the jewels of Wakatobi. 6 species, including the majestic angelfish, can be commonly spotted around the islands

By looking in the shadow of the rocky outcrops, you may surprise a lionfish or a scorpionfish

Anemonefish are one of snorkeler’s favorites. Around 6 species call Wakatobi’s shallow waters home

Wakatobi hosts more than 10 species of tangs, including the palette surgeonfish, aka « Dory »

What to Expect

  • Unlimited access to one of the world’s most pristine house reefs just a few feet away from your bungalow
  • Four days at pre-selected snorkel sites, away from the resort, on our private boat. Each of these days will feature 3×70 minute sessions on outer reefs accompanied by Snorkeling Report’s team and Wakatobi guides
  • One guided night snorkeling session on the house reef
  • Luxury full-board accommodation at Wakatobi Resort in Palm or Ocean (beachfront) bungalows
  • Optional spa and a wide range of non-snorkeling activities, from kayaking and paddleboarding to village tours, nature walks, culture, and cooking workshops
  • From $4055 per person, all-inclusive

Meet The Snorkeling Report's Team/Friends:


Guillaume is well known as the snorkeling expert in the snorkeling-report community. His passion is to find new, virgin snorkeling spots and spread the word to the whole world.


Snorkeling enthusiast, Jonathan has visited more than 100 snorkeling spots in the last ten years. His favorite snorkeling places are in the Caribbeans, Indonesia & France.

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Our Itinerary?

Sun, 16th Meeting in Bali, one night in Bali
Mon, 17th Transfer Bali-Wakatobi on the resort’s plane
Tue, 18th Outer reef snorkeling (3x 70min per day, by boat)
Wed, 19th Outer reef snorkeling (3x 70min per day, by boat)
Thur, 20th Night snorkeling session
Fri, 21th Outer reef snorkeling (3x 70min per day, by boat)
Sat, 22th Outer reef snorkeling (3x 70min per day, by boat)
Sun, 23th Shore snorkeling, optional spa, massage
Mon, 24th Transfer Wakatobi-Bali on the resort’s plane

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